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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. what texas governor rick perry that's now fueling speculation about a possible 2012 presidential run. and the jail release that has people across the u.s. and around the world asking what one big. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. where will she resurface? after a verdict that sprung her from jail prompted this backlash. in minutes, the elaborate message to make casey anthony disappear from public view. plus, the terrifying home invasion at this u.s. congressman's house, that leaves him face-to-face with an armed intruder.
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and that's it, construction triggering carmageddon along the 405 in southern california finishing hours ahead of schedule, but way too late for this driver. the details behind this high speed chase that hit almost every other major l.a. highway. first, casey anthony, out there somewhere tonight, living her life. right now, no word of where or how. >> we hate you!. >> harris: protesters among those who gathered outside the orlando jail when the florida acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee was set free. casey left jail this morning, her attorney, jose baez at her side. warrening a pink t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, said quietly thank you to a deputy sheriff and two armed with rifles. within seconds she got into an suv and vanished into the
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night. a crowd of 300 people screaming as the s.u.v. drove off. they were blocked by orange barricades, mounted policemen, and police cruisers. people in that crowd withstanding a thunderstorm would make their messages clear, most of them anti-casey with a few exceptions. to protest this killer is getting out, that she had such a jury trial that was a joke. a six-year-old would have made a more conscious effort in the decision than what they actually did. >> people need to respect the judicial system and respect due process and let her and her family live their livelies. >> they found her not guilty. does that matter at all to you guys? >> no, she's definitely guilty. >> and then, there was in guy, holding a sign saying casey, will you marry me. >> she deserves a new family, one that's not dysfunctional and i can give her a better family. >> harris: really? that is if he could find her. casey stegall is live for us
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in orlando, casey. >> reporter: harris, good evening, as all of this drama played out across the town and the jail in that release, a steady stream of people have been coming and going from this spot right here. people not just from orlando, not just from florida, but from around the rest of the country for that matter. a spot where three years ago, a meter reader stumbled upon this little girl, little caylee anthony. and stumbled across her remains, tucked away in the woods and now dozens of people have been dropping by here over the weekend, to protest casey's release or to pay their final respects. to a little girl they never met. but one whose story grips this nation. >> and it's hard to, really, compose even just looking at where she was placed at at, horrible. i think they lost sight of caylee within the trial and
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all the stuff and the people who did care about caylee. >> definitely, something that i don't think anyone could ever forget. >> today, our own fox news producer on the ground here in orlando, speaking with mark littman, the attorney for george and cindy anthony, casey's parents and he says that his clients received a text message last night from jose baez, casey's primary defense attorney saying their daughter was in fact safe, but that's all they know. they watched the release just after midnight on television with the rest of us. their home, by the way, just around the corner from where i'm standing right now, and their attorney says that they have had offers from people to buy their house, but they've decided not to sell just yet. harris. >> harris: casey stegall reporting live from us from orlando, florida. casey, thank you. now to the one deal in
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washington that has many people wondering about the the future of america's financial security. the showdown over whether to raise the u.s. debt limits. if congress and the president cannot secure a deal by august 2nd, the u.s. risks default. right now, intense negotiations underway on capitol hill to reach a bipartisan agreement and steve centanni is live with us in washington with the latest. >> hi, with the clock ticking it's a backup plan for any defaults of the u.s. if it's not reached by the august 2nd deadline. here is how the mcconnell plan will work. that would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling in three phases, congress might vote to ace approve, but probably not be able to override the president's veto of the know vote and the debt ceiling could be raised and supporting it, and even so, some republicans still don't like the idea. >> i'm not going to support the mcconnell plan and this is going to kick the can down the
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road and the american senate is here to pick tough choices. they did not give the president veto power, that's not what they sent us here to do. >> reporter: at the same time president boll could call another session at the white house and his budget director said today. there is he' still time to do something big in spite of the looming deadline. >> all right. steve centanni reporting live. thank you very much. uncertainty over the debt deal is tough for americans with mortgages, car loans or credit car cards, even money in the stock market. now two of the largest global credit rating agencies, they may downgrade the u.s. triple-a rating. standard & poor's announcing there may be a 50-50 hans. here is elizabeth mcdonald from the fox business network. what does it mean for the average joe. >> what it means, the borrowing rates could go up.
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more on the bonds to get investors in. lons tied to the ten year notes, their rates would go up. rates on mortgages, rates on credit cards and rates on car loans, nobody is-- the bond market has been reacting nonchalantly. not seeing a lot of action in the yields going up. it could be a short-term problem for the average joe in terms of their interest rates going up. because s & p and moody's is saying that the u.s. government will fix the problem and they'll start paying out, once again and an immediate 45% cut in cash outlays, if the debt ceiling is loan passed, but you know, the bond markets essentially saying, they expect the government to meet its obligations, but the big picture story, quickly, harrison, those two, the s & p and moody's are saying the two credit ratings, you've got to get a grip on the broad zoom. it's problematic, they don't like the long-term spending, they don't like it at all. they want it to be cut.
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>> i have to ask a blunt question. a lot of people are not keyed into this. is it crunch time and the scare tactics that everybody is saying it is. >> it is time for people to care. >> basically if we-- let me back up, if we blow past the debt ceiling. it doesn't mean need default, but they would have to start to prioritize their debt and to s & p and moody's, to them, what's called selective default and the u.s. could cure it by starting to do a payout on the bonds and raising the debt ceiling. again, you've got to tell you, they've said repeatedly, they want the trajectory, the path of our debt to come back. stop the spending and they want us to cut the spending. if we get downgraded. 7,000 towns and cities, those bonds will be downgraded and fannie mae, freddie mac debt. they will be downgraded and problematic and everyone's borrowing costs will go up.
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>> a lot of other people affected by this, too. >> that's right. not just the federal level. it will be at the state and local level. so you can imagine you may need to raise taxes on the state and local levels if the bonds and 7,000 cities and downs get downgraded because the bonds go up. >> you've simplified it for us. >> i hope so, it's an important issue. >> absolutely. and saying on it-- >> a little something is making news and i'm learning maybe it maybe it doesn't have anything to do with it, but the president is report i hadly going to meet with top u.s. federal regulators. you wonder does that have anything to do with the debt crisis? >> you always do that, it's the dodd frank bill that reforms wall street and so the president reportedly meeting with regulators to talk about the dodd frank bill and the new head of what's called the consumer financial technical unit. that sounds like it's mostly on the calendar, not crisis type stuff.
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>> elizabeth macdonald, thank you very much. >> good. overseas, secretary of state, hillary clinton standing strong alongside greece and that country dealing with own debt crisis as you may know. and they're urged to go forward with cuts. >> applaud the greek government, greece has inspired the world before and every confidence that you're doing so again. as do you what you must to bring your economy back to health. you will have the full support of the united states. >> the visit coming as greece prepares for an emergency summit and a second bailout. this was supposed to be the weekend to end all weekend, with millions of drivers inconvenienced by construction.
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>> the unthinkable has happened in california, carmageddon ending early because they finished ahead of schedule. true to their word they reopened the stretch of california 405 freeway, and the city shut down to fix a bridge and widen part of the ro're told. what would they be without a little hype? while it was going on. drivers in southern california had to take detours around the 405 and yes, includes the car chases. yeah, there actually was a major car chase during
4:15 pm
carmageddon and pursuing late last night. they tried stopping him at more than 100 miles an hour, couldn't get on the 405. yeah, carmageddon gets you every time, doesn't it? the whole thing ended a few minutes later after what you see here, police laying down the spike strims and the dryer is now in custody. new developments in a british tabloid phone hacking investigation. and the police chief resigning following allegations of his involvement in the scandal. rebecca brook was arrested in london the former ceo of news international, owned by the parent company of the fox news channel and works for the form world of the news editor, and brook saying she voluntarily went to the police to assist with their investigation into allegations that news of the world employees hacked into voice mail of people whom they were covering. our correspondent, amy kellogg has more from london.
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>> yes, rebecca brooks said she went to the police by appointment and ended unarrest with the hacking scandal and involved not only the media, but certain members of the government accused to be too close to the powerful players in the media and even police accused of taking bribes to get information to the news of the world journalist and the head of scotland yard resigned without warning and police were under attack for hiring the news of the world editor was a consultant and arrested on friday. the metropolitan police commissioner said though he had nothing to hide. he thought the immense media coverage was distraction to himself and the his colleagues, with the olympics coming up and demands on police, he felt he had to step aside. >> as commissioner, i carry ultimate responsibility, the position we find ourselves in. with hindsight, i wish we-- the matters involving this differently. i didn't and that's that. >> and rebecca brooks, two
4:17 pm
days after resigning med of the murdoch british newspaper group two days before she's set to testify, arrested in conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption and bribing police for information. brooks always claimed she didn't know about the phone hacking that allegedly occurred under her watch as editor of news of the world several years back, harris. >> thank you very much. a frightening night for one of our nation's leader, an armed man breaking into his home and attacking the daughter after congressman. he hasn't said he was in, but doctor texas governor rick prry tip his hand whether he's warming up to the idea to run for president. stay close. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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>> an intense night with a congressman and his family and ended with his grandson pulling out a shotgun. police say an intruder burst into the farmhouse and his congressional office saying the ahman attacked bosswell's daughter demanding money and congressman bosswell, 77 years old. heard her screaming and went to the room and tried to get the gun away from the man and bosswell's 22-year-old grandson pointed a shotgun at the intruder. the guy ran away and police are still looking for him at this hour. next report on egypt on the health of this nation's hosni mubarak. quickly, the doctor denied that, saying that mubarak, 83 years old being treated for low blood pressure and in stable condition. mubarak hospitalized after he was ousted from power during
4:22 pm
an uprising in february. and he's facing the charges much killing protesters. american pilots and dollars invested in n.a.t.o. air strikes over libya. a fight that many thought would last a few weeks and tonight, new signs of progress for anti-government rebel forces there. now, the rebels engaging what they say is their biggest defensive. after a nearly month long combat. and in the streets ever brega, this is the key town in the fight nor libya, for oil, our leland vittert is streaming from libya. leland? >> harris, the fighting still continues tonight in brega, but the rebels lack the necessary fire power to deliver that knockout punch to take the towns and not only give them an oil refinery, they would give them a hub to sell oil to the outside world
4:23 pm
and get cash to further the war efforts, something they need not only to buy food, but ammunition and new weapons to use up against the front line because they are heavily outgunned gaddafi troops. a number of people are dead, we're told in the dozens at least 100 to 200 people wounded and those numbers are sure to go up as they continue their fight and try to take this town from gaddafi, which also would be a huge morale boost. in tripoli. n.a.t.o. has failed to deliver any find of knockout punch. overnight. a big round of air strikes inside of tripoli, but they have not mitt any of the power stations or phone exchanges, a crippling blow to that city although they've limited the ability of gaddafi forces to project power. not much, here in the grotto where i'm standing, every night under attacks from gaddafi forces 20 to 50 miles away from the city center and
4:24 pm
they're able to lob the rockets here, last night hit one of the power centers, knocking power to much of the cities overnight, however, the rebels are holding the line and preventing the forces from actually advancing into the city. a sign of at least a little bit of help for the rebels they've been desperately asking for over the past couple of days and late tonight, it's now past 1al and we did hear the roar of a couple of n.a.t.o. jets and we heard the bombing runs commence on what would be the gaddafi front lines, outside of town and that's what the rebels have been asking for to try to continue their push to tripoli, only about 150 miles from where i'm standing right now, but it will be a very long, 150 miles. harris, back to you. >> harris: all right. leland vittert, thank you very much. a lot of developments now to tell, but in afghanistan. we're learning general david petraeus will officially hand over command to lieutenant john allen tomorrow. to become the nation's 22nd
4:25 pm
director of the usa. in kabul, win of karzai' senior advisors was hurd murdered in his home and an advisor was also killed in the attack carried by two woman wearing suicide guest vests. nateos ended in an air strike on schools where the fighters were taking cover. more than a dozen of them killed. but, fortunately, no children inside at the time. n.a.t.o. also lost three service members in two separate roadside bombings. on a note of progress. international military troops handed over control of one of the most peaceful provinces in afghanistan to police. casey anthony walking free. where to and what's next for the 25-year-old mom who once faced the death penalty. the story is not over yet. geraldo will be joining us, plus, not the kind ever parking job anybody really
4:26 pm
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. casey anthony walked away from an orlando jail just after midnight. it was quick. wearing pink t-shirt and blue jeans. she faced 300 people held back by mounted police and barricades. some screamed baby killer and we hate you. casey disappeared in the night. no one knows what she's doing and where she's going. geraldo at large, first of all, what is freedom like. what does it look like for casey anthony? >> i can tell you with some authority that she did not specifically hear the hateful things that were being shouted at her like killer, killer, and hateful, but probably understandable. she knew that there was a negative vibe. there is no doubt about that. and right now, freedom for
4:31 pm
casey anthony is first and foremost, her physical safety. these foremost on the minds of jose baez and the others around here and they'll south out where she goes after they get past the crescendo. everybody could hear the shouting. >> according to jose baez who i spoke with and who will be joining me at ten o'clock eastern time. she did not make out what they were saying, but definitely got the idea that that crowd did not like her. >> harris: she could feel the hostility. so coming up at 10 p.m. eastern you're going to have a live interview with jose baez. i want to ask you about the real issues now with her safety. because the jail has said that they didn't receive any threats against her, but i know that her attorney has said he has. >> she has and others have as well. clearly very, very bitter feelings and always a nut job out there you have to be fearful of. clearly the authorities were on edge. i mean, you don't usually walk
4:32 pm
an of freed prisoner o o a holding mat particular wednesday and bullet-proof vests and decoy cars and the rest. part of the fear was the news media, they had particularly the orlando media, had every airport staked out. they had every roadway staked out and invested in an enormous amount. the interest where she goes and what she does is secretary dri gentleman and i've read jose baez says she get some help. >> she's definitely been traumatize $, she lost her daughter whether by her own hand or accident. and solitary, 23 hours by yourself on suicide watch and facing the death penalty. in jose's words she has to get
4:33 pm
well. that's the priority before she talks about what she does with the rest of her life. >> you're an attorney and you know jose baez, i'm curious to know where the relationship goes from here. he's no longer representing her, is he he her agent? >> i think he is abbinging ipso facto as her attorney. i think that agent has a negative connotation, and could be tats hollywood and-- >> it could i think aside from her counseling and therapy she needs and are seeking, what she does first and foremost is defend against the various lawsuits that are being filed. you know, tim miller from equi search has filed $100,000 lawsuit for the cost of the search. when she was in the the house knowing that the wild was already dead and letting hundreds of volunteers and thousands ever dollars of
4:34 pm
donated money and his own money to search for her and she knew all the while that the kid was not living. >> harris: that's one of the cases and zani the nanny and casey made up the story that a nanny took the little girl and this woman happened to have the same name and her life she says was ruined. do they have validity. >> in terms of zani the nanny, it's a close call. what were her damages? and it was zanida gonzalez, not-- there are some disstinks continuations and put aside tim miller and i understand why he's angry. >> with equi-search. >> what you have are the fridge on the fringe of the story, trying to get a piece of the publicity action. orlando is a market there,
4:35 pm
they can advertise on billboard. 1-800-call me please. constant spots on local television, very aggressively seeking the spotlight and as long as there's a spotlight the lawyer will chase it oon if the lawsuit doesn't have-- you'll see frivolous, and plus, proposals of marriage and producers offering a million dollars. you know, produce called craig and said can you convey to jose baez a million dollar offer and i told him put it in an escrow, the cash is in the bank, because they're all full of baloney. >> harris: so much more you'll have the scoop tonight. her lead attorney, jose baez. >> i have lot of question. >> harris: i do, too, can i send you an e-mail. >> your questions are always so astute. >> harris: and justice with judge jeannine and followed
4:36 pm
with geraldo at large, with an exclusive interview with the defense attorney jose baez, don't want to miss it, 10 p.m. eastern. talk tonight about the governor of texas and the presidential race in 2012 after something he said. rick perry, telling the des moines register, a white house bid may be part of god's plan for him. saying, quote, i'm getting more and more comfortable every day, that this is what i've been called to do. this is what america needs, end quote. the governor also saying he's likely to make his decision in the next two or three weeks. nasa's astronauts doing one final chore on the international space station before heading back to earth. the crew of of space shuttle atlantis stuck taking out the trash, two tons of it, including loading old equipment and garbage into a cargo hauler, and the shuttle is set to dock aiming for a
4:37 pm
thursday landing in florida, ending nasa's shuttle program after 30 years. a bus hits the salvation army building and an iraq war veteran getting a big thank you present. just two stops as we go across america. texas, a bus plowing right into the salvation army store in dallas. the drifr reportedly swerving to avoid another car headed in the wrong direction. and at least four people taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and police investigating. minnesota, commuter rail service shut down for a few more days on a line north of minneapolis, after the straight train ran right off the tracks and at least 17 cars and two locomotives, have been wrecked. authorities blaming high water from heavy rains. >> massachusetts. >> trying to talk louder than the trucks. >> drive through wedding. not just in vegas anymore. this couple in quincy says they weren't looking for a big
4:38 pm
expensive ceremony. >> this is about us, and us loving each other and being together. >> all they needed was a ring, flowers and an antique buick to get around. >> maryland, a generous gift for an iraq war veteran. the sergeant lost his arm and leg in fallujah. and now that he's back, a brand new house for him and his family. >> we must have had hundreds of thousands of dollars donated in terms of labor and materials, and can't explain how moving was. organization, home for our troops peer heed the efforts. >> and so many people cared. >> and even the sergeant's biker friends showed up and an entire community banding together to say thank you. >> harris: that's a fox watch across america. members of our u.s. navy coming home this weekend and getting some much deserved love. (cheers)
4:39 pm
>> come here. >> oh, a big welcome home for eight sailors from the u.s.s. george washington. after serving in japan, it's all part of navy week in michigan. some relatives saying they haven't seen their loved ones in years. >> it's a lot different than talking on the phone, talking on facebook. >> worried all the time. if i don't hear from her, i wonder is she okay. >> i'm happy to be home. just, nice. >> oh, the sailors do have to report back to the ship soon, but they'll have all week to spend with their families on dry land. a shocking death involving a popular television game show, a 60-year-old man killed and what went wrong. rescuers working furiously at the scene after building collapse. over a dozen people hurt and more believed to be trapped underneath all that rubble. and a heatwave here in the united states, smothering huge parts of the country.
4:40 pm
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is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. >> a fox weather alert. word of a tropical system and could grow to tropical storm in hours. a massive heat wave right now. temperatures skyrocketing, approaching 100 across the midwest in many areas and don't see the temperatures very often. let's get to maria molina live in the weather center. >> that's right, we're not used to seeing these kind of temperatures and it's happened in the past, however, these temperatures are up to 15 degrees above average over portions of the midwest and see the look right now currently very hot out there. 96 in rapid city and 96 in
4:44 pm
kansas city and 99 the current temperature in dallas. factor in the humidity and it feels hotter and at that dangerously hot 104 is what it feels like out the door, and 103 in dallas, sty hydrated, stay safe. sunshine. heat advisories for at least 15 different states, upper midwest and down into the city of dallas, texas and in the the areas shaded in red and some of the areas, nighttime lows are actually higher than the average high temperatures, so that's to give you an idea how unusually warm it is out there and otherwise a storm east of the state of florida, an area of showers and thunderstorms that's organized over the past 48 hours and now the area of low pressure has been designated the second tropical depression of the season so far for the u.s. atlantic hurricane season and it's likely that this system
4:45 pm
will become tropical storm bret into the overnight hours and moving slightly to the the out, but as that same high pressure system bringing in the center moves eastward ap talk temperatures and going to help push the storm out to sea. there's good news with the system, we don't think we'll see direct impact out of the u.s. and in northwest of bahamas, a watch, and we'll keep you posted and heavy rain will be issue out here. >> appreciate it, maria, thank you very much. a popular tv game show turning deadly. police in vancouver say a 61-year-old man was hit and killed by a fake taxi cab. used in the game show cash cab. show is popular in the u.s., and in it regular passengers can win money by answering trivia questions. according to the president of the production company an employee was driving a replica cab to the storage facility
4:46 pm
when the accidents happened. no charges will be filed against the driver. at it in a construction site in india. our top story around the world in 80 seconds. . >> india, rescuers pulling people out of the rubble after the building under construction collapsed. three people dead, 15 injured. officials say some people may still be trapped. no word what caused the accident. >> indonesia, this time, it was powerful enough to force the villagers to run from a central region. after being dorment for years, the volcano came back to life the past week, and one woman trying to flee from the uption,he latest blast more than a thousand feet into the air. everyone being urged to evacuate. >> israel. >> a former getting very creative with his crop.
4:47 pm
the man's crossing several breeds of watermelon to alter the fruit. he he says the melon tastes the same with and hit markets with supermarkets showing interest. china, nba star kobe bryant greeting hundreds of fans and taking a few shots on the court before answering questions during a packed news conference. the l.a. makers guard not ruling out, he says, a season overseas, if the nba lockout continues. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. our sister network sky news is now reporting that reb yeah brook, former head of news corps u.k. news unit. had a has been released from jail. newscorp is the parent of this network and brooks was arrested sunday two days after
4:48 pm
she resigned as the chief executive of news international. a few hours ahead of the united states so it's early monday morning there and she has just been released on bail. alzheimer's affects millions of americans and new research may point to a way to identify the debilitating disease before it strikes. something that maybe you or your parents need to consider. and jane fonda saying she's been bumped from the network because of her political beliefs. we'll look into it, take a look. [ male announcer ] the network --
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. . >> a potential medical break through in treating an illness for more than 5 million americans, alzheimer's disease. julie banderas has more. >> researchers at the alzheimer's association international conference this weekend revealing two studies which show encouraging
4:52 pm
progress in early detection of alzheimer's. scientists have found they're known to have changes in the eyes and not just the brain and that falling might be an early warning sign. people who seem to have healthy minds, but discovered to have plaque clogging the brains were five times more likely to fall than those without these brain deposits. the disease is caused by a buildup of plaque or amyloid on a person's brain. a second study found alzheimer's is known to cause changes in the eyes, detected by a simple eye test. researchers photograph blood vetles in the retinas, and some were mild cognitive impairment and found the list of certain blood vessels were different than a healthy person and matched the amount of plaque seen in brain scans. currently, brain scans are the most common way to find evidence of alzheimer's, but
4:53 pm
doctors say they're too expensive and practical. major warning signs, memory lost that disrupts daily life, confusion with time and place, confusion with speaking or writing words and social withdrawal and personality. millions have the alzheimer's, common form of dementias, and people arrange care. >> harris: that changes people's lifers. actress jane fonda saying that qvc changed an appearance, because some were upset about her position on the vietnam war. and the spokesman for qvc says
4:54 pm
it's a schedule change. the drama, and looking good for the american women against japan, so good and well, the highlights. fox sports is next. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy?
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verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. >> oh, the drama. a big finish the at the world cup, a thrilling victory for japan, but a heartbreaker for the americans. peter joining us from los angng he's not onset. he's very far away, but close at heart. a tough loss for the u.s., peter? >> a tough loss for the u.s., but ended up being the biggest sporting event of the summer. who would have thought. >> it was huge and everyone was watching this and in the end, the japanese women defeated the u.s. women and penalty kick 3-1. this was great. led early, late 2-1, but in the end of the japanese women
4:58 pm
prevailed and they have played the u.s. in soccer 25 times before, they had never won. today, they got the best and they are the champions. a great game, winners and losers, both sides played excellent. wonderful soccer and a great event. >> harris: yeah, and saw some tears, there's no crying in soccer. >> no crying in soccer. >> harris: we have a new british open champion, i understand from northern ireland. >> darren clarke, 42 years old. becomes the vifirst plus 40 guy to win a major since mark o'meara in 1998. and he was in the lead. mickleson made a surge, but they say clark is the best on the tour. and when mickelson's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, darren clarke lost his wife to breast cancer and reached out. one of the good guys in sport. >> the nfl having important talks, and labor disputes they're trying to work out. >> you've heard about it
4:59 pm
before. it's closed and this week a lot of talks and we're down to the wire here, morn they wi mon in new york and meetings in atlanta on thursday. the football metaphor, they're on the goal line, put it in for a touchdown. if we get the deal done it doesn't look like we'll be losing pre-season football. with the lockout. you never know. >> harris: we're in the red zone as they say. peter, good to he zoo you. >> thanks so much, harris. >> harris: let's recap the top stories. casy anthony nowhere in sight. whisked away with jose baez, sent text to her parents saying she's safe. the jury acquitted her in the death of her two-year-old daughter and still we don't know what happened to that child. that's how fox reports on this sunday, july 17th, 2011. i'm harris falkner, have a